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Help us to fulfill Ornela's Dream

Meet Ornela, a compassionate soul residing in Cartagena, Colombia, within a low-income community where every meal she prepares is an offering of love. Each day, Ornela crafts between 250 to 300 nourishing meals for her neighbors, priced at a mere 25 cents. Her kitchen isn't just a place of cooking; it's a hub of connection and comfort.


Now, it's our chance to rally behind Ornela and make her dream a reality. We're on a mission to construct a dedicated dining area, a space where her community can relish their meals and create lasting memories. To build this haven, we need essential materials such as iron rods, sand, bricks, tools, chairs, tables, a stove, a dish sink, and cabinets, as well as bathroom necessities like hand sinks, toilets, and a door.


**This is where you come in.** We invite you to join hands with us and contribute to this meaningful cause. With your support, we can provide the tools needed to turn Ornela's dream into a tangible space of togetherness. Every donation, whether big or small, brings us closer to our goal. Let's show Ornela and her community that they are not alone in their journey.


By being a part of this project, you are not just supporting the construction of a physical space; you're fostering unity, compassion, and the power of community. Together, we can give Ornela's selfless efforts the recognition they deserve and offer her community a place where they can truly thrive.


*Your contribution matters. Your kindness makes an impact. Let's unite to bring Ornela's dream to life.*



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