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Helping Hands



Lina Suárez



Lina is one of the founders of Bringing Happiness. Her purpose in life is to give and help others in need. Her two favorite quotes are: "Life's persistence and most urgent is, what are you doing for others." 
-Martin Luther King Jr. 
"The fruit of love is service, which is compassion in action." 
-St Mother Teresa

María Suárez



Maria is one of the founders of Bringing Happiness. Her passion to help others was the engine to founding this organization with her sister Lina. She thinks that helping others makes her life complete. For this reason, she wants to make sure this organization helps as many people as possible. 

Victoria Saldarriaga

Director of Project Management


Victoria decided to be part of the Bringing Happiness Foundation because all her life she has liked helping those in need and because she feels great satisfaction when she sees the faces of happiness in both children and the elderly.

Flavy Sosa

Marketing Specialist 

Flavy Sosa.jpg

Flavy joined Bringing Happiness Foundation because she really identified with the name “Bringing Happiness”. She is a person who always brings happiness and tries to motivate people no matter the situation they are experiencing, she always tries to encourage everyone around her to keep themselves healthy and "fit".  As a Marketing Specialist, her intention is to support the organization in everything related to its branding, reputation, and marketing. She does this through the implementation and creation of different campaigns and marketing strategies through different channels. She likes leveraging the mission, value, and culture of an organization, of course alongside the people who work for them as well as any of their volunteers.

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